ICREFH Constitution


  1. The International Commission for Research into European Food History (ICREFH) is a working group of those studying the history of food and nutrition in Europe since the late eighteenth century. ICREFH holds biennial symposia upon subjects agreed by the members and publishes its findings. It issues a Newsletter outlining its activities and has a website.
  1. ICREFH is led by a President, who acts as its spokesperson. The President normally holds office for four years and may be re-elected for one further term. Holders of the position become Vice-Presidents on their retirement from office. One of the Vice-Presidents will assume the office of President if the President resigns or, for any reason, cannot complete his or her term of office.
  1. Three members of ICREFH act as a Committee to support and advise the President. The term of office is four years. No one may serve more than two terms consecutively.
  1. ICREFH holds a Biennial General Meeting (BGM) at each symposium. The BGM chooses the President and Committee members. The BGM agrees the theme and location of the next symposium. The BGM may appoint a Symposium Planning Committee of up to three members to advise the Organizer of the next symposium. Notice of the BGM and its Agenda will be circulated by ICREFH Newsletter before the symposium. The President shall ask one member to take the minutes of the BGM. These will be circulated to members by the ICREFH Newsletter.
  1. Membership is by invitation.